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The Importance of Sleep for everyone, Wed 10 Nov 2021

By November 4, 2021Events
Join us at this online event.
Hear from Kerrie and Raewyn on the importance of Sleep.
We will share tips on how:
– to help you to get your kids or yourself to have better sleep
– adjusting to parenthood and sleep for little ones
– the impacts of disrupted sleep for any age
– and the benefits of sleep for everyone

Kerrie Watkins is a Child & Infant Sleep Specialist
She offers a parent-led approach to help families with their little ones who are not sleeping well day or night
Uses comprehensive plans and routines to support families to achieve their goals

Raewyn Mai is a Microbiologist, Cert. Healthy Gut Advisor,
She provides education to support to corporate and others in health, sleep and having a quality lifestyle.
Personalised programs are available for your workplace or individuals.
Date: Wednesday 10 November 2021
Time: 6:30 PM – 7:15 PM (UTC+10)

Online event once you book, the event organiser will provide your Zoom link.