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Gut Health

A healthy and vibrant life is what we are all wanting.


“The truth of importance of gut health”

Health begins with the gut.

Did you know health issues start with your entire digestive system and the interaction of missing nutrients?

When your small intestine becomes damaged, known as ‘leaky gut’ this is where undigested food particles, and bacteria enter your blood stream. This will lead to inflammation, to nutrient malabsorption, nutrition deficiency and to possible food intolerance.


Only recently has there begun an understanding of the extent of the gut’s role in human health and disease.

Leaky gut is mentioned over 11,000 times in PubMed, Science Journal.

It’s all about what we are digesting.

You can alter your gut bacteria for better or worse in a matter of days through lifestyle choices.

Raewyn has a passion to address health problems that are caused by a leaky gut such as arthritis, autoimmune disease, and psoriasis.


Her passion is driven by her desire to educate, and numbers of people have experienced changes to their life as a result of her knowledge and expertise.

She will be able to help you to:                                                          

  • Understand the underlying cases of your symptoms             
  • Identify areas that are causing you concern
  • Work with you to provide a way forward for wellbeing
  • Celebrate when your health issues have been improved


By visiting one of Raewyn’s transformation events or taking a consult under her programs, you will receive advice that will change your life.  Be sure to book quickly before they sell out.