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“I was very lucky to meet Raewyn at an event and decided to book in a session to discuss my gut health. 
Raewyn’s knowledge and ability to listen and understand your health challenges are brilliant.
She made small suggestions that weren’t dramatically hard to implement but gave incredible results very quickly. 
My sleep, energy and brain focus evolved rapidly – I feel so much better.
I would recommend Raewyn to anyone!”

“Raewyn is amazing, not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, unlike any other practitioner I met, she is absolutely amazing, a very lovely and kind person, who generally cares about her patients and their wellbeing.  I have not experienced such a high level of comfort, understanding and care from a health professional before meeting Raewyn.  

She has helped turn my health around. I have more energy, sleep much better and am starting to lose weight.  Highly recommend Raewyn with her friendly, welcoming and approachable personality to anyone wanting to sort out medical issues or just wanting to feel better.” 

Nada J

“Thank you Raewyn for all the tips and insights that have helped me understand better what to do to improve my gut health!”

Anon. NSW

“After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in July I wondered if there was anything else I could be doing to support my immune system & give me a better quality of life. While speaking with Raewyn she took the time to ask questions to really understand my health situation. She then advised me in detail on how I can improve my overall health, especially my gut health.

She has been helpful, kind, understanding & positive throughout our meetings. I have also learnt alot from our conversations. I have seen continual progress in my health and everything she has claimed has been true. Highly recommend her services. Thank you”

AG- Victoria

“Thank you, Raewyn, for your knowledge and valuable advice over my recently completed two-week health program. I am pleased to say that I achieved noticeable improvement to all three of my main health concerns and your program provides me with a sensible approach going forwards to improve and maintain these. It also enlightened me on some things I wasn’t aware of particularly regarding my gut health.

Your consultations were always positive, professional, and scientifically based, and I recommend your services to anyone who is trying to achieve greater health and wellness in their life.”

Simon P.

“I was feeling bloated, tired and irritable, had persistent headaches and the arthritis in my foot was hurting all the time. 

After completing the first session with Raewyn and slightly altering my diet, I lost 3kg and was on my way to feeling better and improving my health and wellbeing.  Raewyn is easy going and is genuinely interested in improving your whole body.  

I would recommend working with her, it has made a huge difference to me”. 

Karen June 2021

Thank you  for your support and guidance Raewyn. Since working with Raewyn I have had more energy, am sleeping better and exercising for longer. An added bonus is that I have also lost weight! Her approach is supportive and she is very knowledgeable . In particular her knowledge around gut health and inflammation has supported me in my journey to wellness. I am feeling a lot more positive about the future.

JC, NZ, April 2020

Excellent Webinar! The speakers were superb and the content was very useful and informative. 

A huge thank you to Raewyn for sharing the amazing information on how to heal our gastrointestinal system. You provided extremely helpful and valuable ideas which I can put into practice immediately, including chewing the food properly, stop rushing around, and reducing caffeine and sugar intake. I am so glad I attended the Webinar. Thank you!

I can immediately see things I need to implement to work effectively from home or in the workplace. Thank you to Liz Kirk for all the tips on Ergo & Workplace Well-Being.

Svetlana Bivol June 2020

“I have recently completed a two-week health plan with Raewyn Mai which included a questionnaire, a form for diary entries and phone consultations.

Raewyn gave me valuable information about gut health and a sensible approach going forwards to maintain gut health for the future.

My conversations with her were always appropriately focused and her advise sound and scientifically based. I would happily recommend her service to anyone who is trying to achieve a healthy balance in their diet and lifestyle.” 

Wendy, Jan 2020

“Since I started my Health Plan program with Raewyn Mai I’ve lost a staggering 18kg. All due to Raewyn’s knowledge about Gut Health and eating the right foods. I suffer from Crohn’s Disease and I had a consultation with my Gastroenterologist recently. She was pleasantly surprised at the amount of my weight reduction and commended me on taking up this program of eating healthy foods and drinking more water. My Doctor says that my inflammation markers have reduced significantly since my last visit.

Recently I’ve been having dizzy spells when standing up from sitting. I went to my General Practitioner who said because I lost that amount of weight he had to reduce the amount of heart medication (Bicor) by half of what I was on because as it was lowering my blood pressure too much. Hence why I was feeling dizzy. Not only that, he has taken me completely off Blood Pressure medication (Coversyl) because of my new healthy lifestyle and reduced weight.

I can’t recommend Raewyn Mai’s program highly enough. I’m not counting calories, just eating good healthy foods, the right foods for my symptoms and as a result, my health has and continues improving day by day.”

Darren, Brisbane

Thanks Raewyn Mai, I can’t thank you enough for your expertise in helping me restore good health. 

After being blocked up for nearly 3 months I am now regular with just Usana probiotic.

Raewyn helped me work out a diet with lots of fibre and healthy foods and tips to aid me as well as an exercise plan. Within a week I was regular and had lots of energy. 

I definitely recommend Raewyn in helping people with their gut health. 

She is very professional and enthusiastic.

Thank you so much Raewyn.

Kind Regards

Jenny Gibson

I attended one of your healthier lifestyle programme’s and I was very interested in how your gut can affect your health. I have done the 2 week program with you learning how different foods can be affecting my gut. Also the chemicals that we are using at home. I have made simple changes that you recommend in my lifestyle and noticed within a few days I was starting to feel better in myself. I had pain in my legs, ankles and back that started to ease. I also was getting bloated and was tired all the time. I now have more energy and no more bloating and have lost weight. I found your programme so easy to do and your knowledge and just the way you help the wider community to live a healthy lifestyle. I feel so blessed to do this journey with you. I highly recommend Raewyn to anyone that wants more out of life. 

Thank you so much

Karen Sturdy.

Dear Raewyn,

I’d like you to know how happy I am with the probiotics you recommended. It kept my stomach settled and the little sachets were so handy to use on our trip. Thank you!!


I now sleep more and better and my energy levels are higher.

Documenting my diet also made me very aware of what me food intake was and where I needed to improve to ensure that my diet had sufficient variety of foods for optimal nutrient levels. 

M.N. Brisbane  

When I began taking the probiotic Raewyn suggested I was surprised at how much better I felt even after the first dose! This indicated to me that the probiotic was of an exceptional quality.

I mix it with a half glass of almond milk and stir briskly with a fork to break up any small lumps and drink it 15 to 30 mins before food.

The sachets are easy to use and do not require refrigeration. I intend to use this probiotic long term.

Wendy   Mar 2020

“Thank you for your help and advice Raewyn, your program helped me identify problematic foods that weren’t making me feel good and the probiotic supplement you suggested have made me feel lighter in the guts.”


“Thank you Raewyn. I lost 3kgs and I am very proud of what I have achieved. I will continue on this path for sure because I have realised how much better I feel without eating excessive amounts of sugar; my thinking is so much clearer and I sleep better too. Thanks Raewyn.”


“Raewyn’s program promotes healthy natural food, with no supplements or fancy diet meals.  Over the 21 days I’ve tried to eat more salads, more fish and vegies, and drink more water.  I also have been drinking lots of green tea, and water with a small amount of apple cider vinegar, which seems to have reduced my sugar cravings.  My daughter and I go to Park Run on a Saturday, and a running club on Wednesday, together with walking the dog and/or gym on other days.  I lost 3.7kg over the 21 days, and I am still losing a little weight each week after the program was finished.  I still have a lot of weight to lose, but the first 21 days has given me the impetus to continue healthy eating until I feel fit, healthy and energised.  I can’t wait to be able to run 5km without stopping, or fit into my black stretch jeans that are still a size too small right at the moment!  Thanks Raewyn, for the support and inspiration!”

CT – Morningside Q

“Thank you so much for your guidance and support in helping me reach my goals of losing weight and becoming healthier in a short amount of time. Since meeting you at your first workshop and through your guidance and program since, I have lost a massive 16kg which has been confirmed by my Doctor at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. I am also feeling a lot better with more energy, sleeping better at night and my mood has improved. By eliminating certain foods, I do not have pain in my knees which I thought was arthritis. I can’t recommend you highly enough to anyone who is considering working with you on your healthy lifestyle program. The results speak for itself.”

Darren, Brisbane

“Through working with Raewyn over the course of one month I have seen improvements in my energy levels, anxiety levels, skin and general health. It has given me a great foundation of knowledge to build a health lifestyle upon. Raewyn is a knowledgeable and encouraging coach and I am thankful for the opportunity to undertake her program.”


“Raewyn explains how your body works and processes foods in a way that anyone can understand. It really helped me understand my digestive system and identify all the symptoms I have that result from poor gut health. I really can’t recommend Raewyn’s workshop highly enough for people who find it hard to lose weight, and often feel fatigued.”


“It’s not everyday that you get to attend a workshop of this calibre. There is no short cut to good health, but Raewyn breaks it down into simple and easy steps that anyone can follow. If you’re serious about your health, this is a workshop you have to attend.”

Elmine Benn, July 2017

I have definitely have lost some weight. As I can fit some of my clothes that I didn’t when I started. Thank you so much Raewyn. Really appreciate your advices.”


“I attended Raewyn’s 6R’s workshop recently which was an educational and informative session on overall health. Raewyn covered a lot of topics including healthy eating, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, exercise and general gut health. Her 6R worksheet was a great way to implement the knowledge she shared into my daily life. I strongly recommend this workshop to those that need education on general health and wellbeing.”

Deb, Brisbane

“Raewyn’s health seminar gave practical tips on how to eat and live well. Raewyn has a wealth of knowledge in her field and was approachable.”

Sophie, Aug 2017

“I, Graeme Franklin of Gisborne New Zealand, have had Fibromyalgia, for 10 years.

Recently, Raewyn Mai, Health Stylist of Brisbane Australia, was visiting my town, and I attended an event she had.
I had 3 sessions with her to discuss my health problem, and diet.

She recommended that I take Minerals and Antioxidants. They have helped me immensely.

Also I took Visionex, for my eyes and it helped too.

I would thoroughly recommend her treatment plan and products that she recommends.

Graeme Franklin
Gisborne, New Zealand

When I heard about Raewyn Mai’s workshop on gut health, I thought this is something I’m pretty clueless about so I enrolled.

I was surprised that the gut is so important to our overall health! I mean, who knew that our gut is our “second brain”? I learnt so many small doable things I can do every day to ensure I have better health. I have struggled with allergies for many years and in that short two hour session I learnt a number of ways to “treat” allergies just through choosing healthier foods!

Now like most people I’m resistant to change, lazy I suppose, but I have implemented a number of the simple strategies I learnt from Raewyn, such as chewing my food properly, that are easy peasy to incorporate into my daily diet habits!

So thank you Raewyn for showing me practical ways to care for my body better!
Much appreciated!”

Sally Tyler, Brisbane

“I consulted Raewyn about having better intestinal health and improving my readings for fatty liver disease.

At the time my reading for liver enzymes was 150 which was 110 over the recommended limit. I began taking liver tonic tablets, multivitamins and probiotics.

I also began eating more fresh vegetables and salad and began juicing carrot, celery, beetroot apple and parsley. In six months my liver reading was down to 42, the best it had been in 3 years!”

GT, Brisbane

“I have people ask me how come I look so healthy, are active and look good at 83 years. Then they asked me if I was on any vitamins or similar ?
I recently went for a prostate operation and was told to go home and continue to do what I was doing as they didn’t think an operation could improve any thing more for me.

Instead of me getting up to the toilet to pass urine 4 or 5 times a night, I was now down to once in the night, and no pain at all which I originally had before.
Thank you to Raewyn for her recommending me to take Nutritional supplements and follow a healthy eating plan.”

Lynden, New Zealand

“I was impressed by Raewyn from the first moment we met! Her depth of knowledge, authenticity & passion for health is truly incredible.

The more I get to know her, the more I admire her…not just as a Health Stylist, but a warm hearted person & a true entrepreneur. Thanks for all your help Raewyn!”

TK, Brisbane

“I was always thinking of you Raewyn, when I can give you feedback with my skin. It seems to be getting so much better except for one spot. Still red but thinner flakes coming off it now, not so disturbing as before. The rest of the spots have cleared. Hope totally.

What I have chosen to incorporate in my daily routine is drinking more water. No caffeine. I have trouble going to sleep early, I mean going to bed early as I would like to, due to so much chores to finish. (I will make sure to change that habit.)

What I can not lessen is my cravings of fruits. I just love eating season fruits and nuts! Always aim to eat whole foods.
Passing motion is good, everyday sometimes twice with good amount clearing stomach. Feels great.
I also started walking 1 hour every Saturday, love to make it a regular thing.”

JF, Sydney

I would like to share what my experience has been whilst working with Raewyn – The Health Stylist.

Raewyn, first introduced me to nutritional supplements at the start of this year 2016.

My health had taken quite a beating, with constant digestive issues amongst other things. I had suffered with this particular digestive issue for over 2 and half years, and I wasn’t getting any relief. I got tested and found that a positive H. pylori result was causing my daily stomach acid issues I took the recommended course of STRONG antibiotics and had some relief for about a week. But the pain crept back in again, and in an effort to finally rid myself of this debilitating issue I went to see my friend who is a Naturopath. She suggested that I check my gut flora, because aside from the stomach pain I was also constipated which added to my discomfort. I tried a cocktail of natural herbs and drugs which worked for a week, but then the issues of constipation and pain were still there.

Raewyn spoke to me about taking vitamins and antioxidants and introduced them and probiotics into my diet, also advising me to significantly increase my daily water intake. I purchased the probiotics as well as the multi- minerals and antioxidants. I noticed a difference straight away with the constipation no longer being an issues after 2 days! This continued to improve each week, and I documented this over a month, I can’t even remember when the stomach pain left because I woke up one day and it was gone! But I KNOW it was when I started taking the supplements.

My health has drastically improved, I feel a lot more alert, and aware of what I put in my body. I am aware of the difference I feel when I don’t take the probiotics and the vitamins.

I would highly recommend these products and the advice that Raewyn has given me, this has really set my health on a path to recovery and I haven’t looked back!

Thank you Raewyn!

KP, Melbourne