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Habits for a Healthy CEO

By April 12, 2023Blog

Habits for a Healthy CEO

You have a voice!

As a CEO or Manager stay at the top of your game! You have a voice.

You are faced with ongoing challenges, change, and unpredictable demands. As an Executive or Manager, to lead well, you need to recognise that your health is critically important, to help you be there for your staff.

Here are some habits to move forward with this:

  1. Your Attitudebe that role model, understand what needs your attention – is it urgent? Maybe manage this in a different way.
  2. Your Relationshipsbe that listener and have a strong capability for social connection within your team and your company.
  3. Your Diet: Eat healthy, to reduce any possible heart attack or health issue.
  4. Your Sleep: Get adequate sleep (7 to 9 hours) and if you are traveling, manage your workload and meetings.
  5. Your DrinkBe aware that alcohol plays a role in sleep disturbances, and high blood pressure. Don’t drink alcohol when overwhelmed or stressed.
  6. Your AdviceTo be a successful person, get the correct advice regarding your finances, health, and business.
  7. Your Exercise: Make time for yourself and exercise. Physical activity will support your health and mental wellbeing. Do activities that you enjoy.

What is one habit worth embracing?

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