Some Tips for YOU while in ISO

By April 16, 2020Blog

During your time at the moment in isolation, how well are you eating?


Sharing some helpful tips for YOU:

Eat well, and have more wholefoods.

  • roast pumpkin seeds (main pic) along with baking pumpkin or pumpkin scones. A good source of zinc.                    One source of zinc to support your immune system
  • feed your gut well having less sugar
  • reduce processed foods
  • & having more wholefoods


Move outside in the fresh air and get some Vit D  

  • Vit D has benefits for your cells
  • & have some form of exercise to keep you active


Wash your hands 


  • The importance of regular washing of hands. Soap has a molecular structure of a head that bonds with water & a tail that avoids water but prefers oil and fats. Coronavirus has a lipid membrane, by using soap when washing your hands will help to break the bonds apart where bacteria & viruses stick to the surface. The soap tails attempt to avoid water therefore wedging themselves into the lipid membrane and breaking certain bacteria and viruses off the skin.


Sleep more, sleep well


As you know if you have worked with me, or being to my events, our Immune System starts with our Gut. Therefore if your gut is not functioning like it should, your Immune System won’t be doing what it needs to.

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