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Music is so good for the soul. by Raewyn Mai

By June 24, 2021Blog, News

As a musician I know what the impact of music has on someone playing and the audience. This will impact you in so many ways, as well as for your overall health and wellbeing too.

The music industry has tapped into this and have Wellness Music apps to help with exercise, de-stress, zone out, sleep and more.

Digital fitness is the new music powerhouse!  The fitness app is expected to be a $1.1 trillion industry by 2023.


Not forgetting one of the latest trends now is creating personalised wellness music!  So, think of the music that relates to you, that would help you to work better, work smarter, exercise better or sleep better and just for to you to CHILL.

Netflix of Wellness is another trend.

Music to your ears: think of it as sound and music as medicine for you.

Do you need a calmer mind?

How do you see music will impact your business or workplace?

Will you or your staff be more productive, feel better in themselves?


Do you have sensory rooms in your workplace or your organisation? They are taking off in kids spaces.  What about Audio sensory spaces which is happening to transport you to a beach or the mountains?


Medicine for your health and wellness.

Medicine is getting into generative music which will use AI for tracking patients’ vital signs and their stress. Providing a play list to them like an IV drip!


Wellness will be delivered more so digitally.

Are you going to cope? Will you need to work out your digital detox?


If you are looking for BALANCE in your life, then contact me for your personalised plan and how to get started