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Get Back To Nature. by Raewyn Mai

By May 21, 2021Blog

                ✨ Get back to nature / or at least get some form of exercise ✨


Here is one thing to include in your wellness plan – getting back to nature.

I see this as one of the major elements in wellness this year in 2021 and going forward. As I am working with corporate groups and people are trying to cope going back into the office, being in nature is something that has already been a part of their life, and now many are wanting to do this more so.

You may have been already doing this. Or do you need to more now than ever? If you are not sure of how to start you can connect with me here   for your health and wellbeing plan.

I have been walking and/or running every day. Find something that YOU enjoy and #keepmoving.

Being in nature has many BENEFITS: fresh air, taking in your surroundings – well we should be noticing them more, getting some Vit sea, sunshine on you Vit D, meeting more people who are also out getting exercise.

Whatever has been your experience all this has an impact on your mind, health, and wellbeing.    Being in nature is so good for the soul!    Here is one spot we walked while on our holiday.

Do you have a favourite running route, walkway, trail or bike riding route etc?

We need to take time out to be outdoors, being in nature when you are able to, appreciate your surroundings, breathe and get your wellness plan into action.

Not sure how to start your wellness plan of clean eating and clean lifestyle connect with me on here.

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