Celebrating the festive season with balance, what’s that?

By November 21, 2016Blog

Balance coming into the festive season, it’s good for your health.

How is that good for your health?

We all love to celebrate at this time of the year, that means lots of food, meeting friends for drinks and not enough time to exercise. We all have one too many, those extra sugar treats, consume more alcohol and over indulge.


Celebrating in balance, is key


How not to overindulge

1) Celebrating with friends / family / work colleagues, it’s that time of the year when we have more functions to attend and people around to our place. We all love to celebrate, have fun and spending time together.


  • Make it fun
  • Relax not be stressed. Stress doesn’t help our energy levels and plays havoc with our immune system


2) Eat and drink in moderation. You know when you have eaten too much, or when you have had too much alcohol, you suffer the next day, you become bloated and have that uncomfortable feeling.  Or even that extra coffee – little did you know that coffee disturbs your digestive system.


  • Fill up on Kombucha the alternative to fizzy drinks, which is a great healthy drink
  • Have more salads instead of those fried foods
  • Not to forget that when you over indulge with sugar, it not only effects your health and your gut, but your skin as well
  • It’s about the healthy foods you’re not eating
  • Drinking more water


3) Too many parties / functions to attend, exercise goes out the window! You become too busy, too stressed to do any exercise.


  • Take time to breathe
  • Even 3 deep breaths before eating gets you into a calm state and will help with the digestion of your food, to help illuminate those tummy troubles


You can still celebrate the festive season in style and feeling great, by being kind to yourself. Take time to breathe, don’t overindulge, have fun all in a balanced way.

Check your plate and daily habits to avoid overindulging.

Feel like you’ve already overindulged, or want to prepare yourself to not, message me to get started now.